Today was an amazing day because it was the day of the pride reception at my colleague’s residence (see photos from the event on the embassy’s facebook page here.)

But before that, at lunch, I had a healthy dose of lentils and sweet rice and espresso, so it was already a great day.

I really like the large variety of creamy cinnamon based desserts available here, even though this was pretty simple and similar to Milchreis.

After lunch, Laura and I had a small photoshoot in front of the tiles at the embassy’s old Manor House, which houses our cafeteria and some other rooms. They’re part of what makes the embassy so posh, I think.

Here are the tiles in (almost) full:

But now, for the main event of the night:

After work, I went with Laura over to Patrick and Rami’s residence to begin preparing for the reception (and snag a cool embassy pride shirt, designed by our very own Sebastiao).

Here are the other interns from the embassy that attended the event. I love them so much and I’m so happy to be working in a place with other interns at all–last summer was so hard without people my age.

Rainbow cake that was actually very delicious with lemon frosting. 🙂

Laura, Herro (our Deputy Chief of Mission), and I with our snazzy new tshirts 🙂 Herro is truly the coolest lady and an amazing leader. She’s had such an admirable career and is admired by so many other people at the embassy for her confidence, capability, and kindness.