Today I had a good day–food-wise, it was uneventful as I was working on clearing through my leftovers: for lunch I had half a bagel with some onions, as well as a bowl of my soup from yesterday; and for dinner I had the last of the hand pulled noodles, with another bowl of my soup from yesterday. I now only have one container of it in the fridge. tomorrow I’ll freeze it, I think, in to smaller portions. Anyway, that’s why today is mostly about nothing!

I went to class, took a Chinese exam, and went to the Bok. Then, the most exciting part of today (and perhaps the week) was that I got to go to a zoom conversation organized by the Harvard Office for the Arts with Jameela Jamil, who plays Tahani in NBC’s The Good Place. She is quite literally the only celebrity I follow on instagram, and I listen to her podcast while I paint, and I love her for her activism and constant desire to learn more. Anyhow, it was unreal to see her live. After that, I met with my blockmates and we had a lovely phone chat. I called Mama, and then Kat, who got to see me pull the noodles live (though I kinda doubt she felt very thrilled).

Then I watched some videos with Sadie, who was as loyal as a companion as ever:

Last week I managed to talk Sophie into watching one of my absolute favorite movies with me, a Belgian movie from 2015 called “Le Tout Nouveau Testament”, or “The Brand New Testament”. I love it for the questions it raised for me in the weeks after seeing it as I evaluated how I live my life and how weird the patterns are that humans in general follow as they live their lives.

It was cold to sit outside from like ten to one am so I was wearing… three layers of shirt (plus the green knit cardigan), two layers of pants, snow boots, and my balaclava and hat. whew! looking forward to watching movies indoors as the winter arrives.

As always, sadie was excited to see me. Here she is in her “Stapleface Killa” glory, as Rob has been calling her. The Groundhog bite is healing well, and she’s much more sprightly now. Okay, now she’s resting her head on my leg as I’m writing and it’s probably a good idea to go to bed. She was just scooting on the carpet in a sitting position, though, which was hilariously adorable too.

I caught her mid-yawn which I’m pretty happy with too. She basically only holds still when she’s asleep, so photos of this gal are TRICKY!

Much love! Penultimate day! Yeehaw!