Today was my first day at work, which was super exciting and exhausting and I have a blister already! But that’s okay because I adore my co-workers, especially my fellow intern, who also had her first day today. The photos are all actually photos from her *beautiful* balcony with the wonderful tiles.

So yep, this is me! On her balcony! (Thank you for the photo!) Even though we just met today, we’ve spent the entire day together and I feel like I know her so well already (seriously, we met each other at 8:10 AM and didn’t say goodbye until after dinner at around 10 pm).

We went out to dinner, at a restaurant near her apartment. I ordered Chicken and fries, and she had a piece of grilled salmon. I didn’t take photos because it was really a very small place and it would have been obvious, but it was rather inexpensive yet filling. Our waiter kept bringing food we didn’t order to the table–sausage, bread, etc–which was not free, so we didn’t eat it, but I felt it was rather bizarre at first to keep sending the food away.

Anyways, I just took a melatonin so that I sleep better, and it’s beginning to make me drowsy. Much love and good night!