Note: Belém is pronounced kinda like “be-LAYME” so it’s a pun hehe.

So today I spent my first more vacation-y day in Lisbon, and it was amazing. Laura and I walked down Rua Augusta (among all the tourists, yeah), past the Praça do Comércio, taking photos and chatting.

Then, we ate a lunch at TimeOut Market, something recommended to me by my coworkers. It’s essentially a big indoor market of a bunch of different mini restaurants from chefs all over lisbon, offering specialties.

I tried Croquettes (which are like deep fried mushy creamy something balls) which were really good and pretty filling

And Francesinha (which is like a cheese covered meaty sandwhich smothered in tomato soup)



And some much-improved Pasteis de Nata (and some espresso because mmm I must say I like a good afternoon coffee). These had a definite stronger cinnamon taste, though they were also very sweet. They were also freshly baked and still warm, and they earned the title of “best pasteis in Lisbon” by my co-workers. I think I still have to say that Chinese Dan ta have captured my heart and mind, and I don’t know if I’ll find a pasteis de Nata that’s as eggy and creamy and filling as those. But that’s okay! These are truly excellent.

Then, Laura and I hung out in Belém, and met up with another intern at the embassy–Michael. Together, we explored the tower of Belém and took lots of photos!

(Me, Laura, and Michael)

(The explorer’s statue)

At the end of the day, we followed Michaels’ boss’ suggestion and ate some italian pizza at a nice restaurant, and it was extraordinary. We shared three pizzas and it was delicious.