Today work was pretty fun, because I got to accompany NASA Chief Scientist James Garvin (with other people from the embassy) on a program of activities at the IST in Lisbon. He also gave a speech which was pretty amazing–I feel like we’ve been working so hard to get him here, to organize the program on all sides, and to watch him give his talk to a bunch of students was super rewarding.

After work, I finally got to meet Laura’s boyfriend Lucas, who arrived yesterday night! I’ve heard so so much about him and it was so great to meet him.

We had dinner at an Asian-foods foodcourt and supermarket. I had soup dumplings and cold noodles, both of which were fine considering the price. I didn’t take a photo of the food before it was eaten, sadly.

Then we walked around and ended up at…Nannarella! yes, artisan gelato two days in a row is excessive at best, but it was so good and besides…Lucas had never been there and it’s truly a crucial part of Lisbon to experience. Though I didn’t take any photos of the ice cream I had this time (Coconut, Peach, and Raspberry), there was lots to see along the way! I’ll never get tired of the architecture in Lisbon, haha.


On the way home, we saw someone painting a mural, which I thought was pretty cool. Also this is Lucas and Laura doing a photo in front of a car like a bunch of goofy people. gotta love ’em.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight! Tomorrow I’m going to a conference so I have to wake up a tad (like 20 minutes) earlier than usual.

Much love!