Today was a busier day at work–several of my tasks got shifted around and moved upwards, so I was glad for a lunch break that allowed me to learn a lot about the Portuguese Revolution from Sebastiao, where we also discussed the involvement of the United States in keeping the communists out of power in Portugal. It’s really interesting to hear the differing perspectives on the revolution and American involvement from the State department side and from others, especially politically interested Portuguese.

Today a friend from high school came to visit Lisbon, so we went out for dinner! it was so amazing to catch up with everything she’s been doing in the past two years, and it was fun to meet her freshman year roommate, whom she was traveling with.

We went out to eat at Valbom, a nicer Portuguese Restaurant, and then we went out to Nannarella, the ice cream place that I love.

Then we enjoyed the night views from the El Corte Ingles building, which was pretty (though this grainy photo does not really do it justice)

I am planning a trip to Sintra this weekend, so this blog needs to be cut short, since the next two days will hopefully have some amazing experiences! but for that, I need to be well rested!

So, Good night! Much love!