Today Rodrigo, Michael and I explored Porto. It was awesome but it’s super late now, so I’ll post more about it tomorrow since I have work tomorrow morning.

We started by trying to go to the famous bookstore that inspired JK rowling partially, the Livraria Lello, but the line went across the street and it was hot. So instead, we wandered the streets and visited different churches. Eventually we began walking to a place for lunch that served what one of my housemates promised was one of the best franchesinhas in Porto. These are those grilled cheese and meat sandwiches that are covered in a slightly spicy tomato soup.

After that we went down to the famous bridge–the Luis 1 bridge and crossed it into Gaia. That was cool as well, and we saw Porto from across the Douros river, which was beautiful. Then we walked back up into the city center of Porto and we visited the Cathedral of Porto. We went back to the bookstore, but when we found out the price to get in (5 euros for a packed bookstore), Rodrigo made such a hilarious face and said plainly that this was highway robbery. It was good to have him as a guide. More on this tomorrow.


(here’s the Facade–pronouced “Fah-kayde” according to my section head at the embassy who also addresses us only with “Comrades” in emails)

Anyway, this is more of a post to appreciate my housemates, who, when I got home at 10 pm, were just starting to cook dinner. We were bidding farewell to an italian housemate, and he made Bucatini (like spagetti, but hollow) carbonara, which was incredible. I just can’t tell you how nice it is to come home to a house full of people who all exclaim “Lara! Welcome Back” or “AH, the American is here!” or “we saved you a doggy bag of the appetizer” or “FINALLY you made it home” which is all so amazing and wonderful and it is making me so happy to live here. It also helps that dinner wasn’t even on the stove yet when I got home–it makes me feel like I didn’t miss much 😉

Much love! a proper post on Braga and Porto will come tomorrow!