hehe. good one. I know.

Today was a really buzzy day full of classwork and meetings–the course I’m in about China and the African continent meets on Wednesdays only, so there’s usually a lot of prep work for that class to do today. However, it’s shaping up to easily be my favorite class this semester–I genuinely love the readings and I think the class is well structured for the online world (unlike, unfortunately, my other courses)

So, there’s not much news today! I had a massive omelette for lunch (another duck egg was the culprit) and I made potatoes for dinner. Tomorrow I’ll likely use the rest of my soy sauce and vinegar mixture and have some biang biang noodles again, but I’ve prepared a lovely overnight oatmeal to enjoy. I’m also slowly making my way through the half of a watermelon I got–emphasis on SLOWLY. this thing is big!

In the sad news department, IBM has apparently taken down their online Chef Watson tool, which paired ingredients and gave you links to recipes using the ingredient combinations it came up with. I am dismayed because I just remembered giving a presentation about Chef Watson to my Eating Culture class freshman year, and now it’s been taken down and the old link to the site doesn’t work. I get that this may be to encourage more people to buy the cookbook, but really? recipe books feel so unnecessary in the age of the internet–unless I really really care about how a certain chef or baker makes their things, I can’t see myself being interested. And the neat thing about Chef Watson really was the online tool. Oh well.

(screenshot here–you can put in some ingredients you have on hand, and it’ll suggest good pairings to you, which you can scroll through and evaluate)

IBM Chef Watson - example anise

However, last night, I caught Sophie in the kitchen very much enjoying whatever she was baking 😉 hehehehe I’m a creep. sorry about that.


ttfn, ta-ta for now!

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