Today I made my submission for the weekly Kirkland House-wide competition to submit a creative product. This week’s theme was recreate your favorite dining hall meal–I chose my weekly lox bagel that I enjoy during Sunday Brunch. Now I know that I didn’t use lox, but to be fair I did put aside some of the fried salmon I had made yesterday and saved that, cold, to put on my bagel today, so it had more of a “homemade” touch than lox, anyway. And as such, it had a heck of a lot more paprika than a normal lox bagel does. But yeah! This was a fun lunch and photo to edit! And it was darn good–I love everything bagels, especially with cream cheese, salmon, raw onions, and a tiny squeeze of lemon. Definitely a taste that I acquired during college, though–I did NOT like this when I was at home. Funny how that works.

Today I had a stunning 4 classes–all four of my classes either have a lecture or section today, and so, I was really tired, and I was thinking. Over the summer, I had been painting whilst listening to a podcast (iweigh, with Jameela Jamil) and when I look back at those pieces, I remember the conversation so clearly, and I got a lot more out of those podcasts as a result. Now I know college courses are not podcasts (but they feel like it, currently, which may not be such a good thing). However, my two General Education courses also FEEL like podcasts, in their subject matter and the nature of a massive lecture class. Normally, I would take notes during lecture to both organize my thoughts as well as have material to look back on in advance of exams. But these courses don’t have exams (just projects and papers), and the material isn’t organized enough to merit even a full page of notes after lecture (in my experience thus far). So I thought, why not give it a shot? And so, I sat in lecture, fully appearing the way I always do while I’m taking notes, but instead of notes, I’m painting goats! Well, actually just one goat, Rayla. She’s a sweetie and she lives in the back 😉

I managed to finish Rayla in the two lecture classes I had today–here she is in all her glory!

Tonight I made a soup from this recipe ( which I really should have cut in half, because I have a ton left over… for at least 4 or 5 more meals. I reduced the pasta and broth amounts, thinking that would help, but no, it’s definitely too much for me. oh well. Moving forward I’ll experiment with how to spice up this soup to make it more exciting and different 😉 and maybe I’ll make Sophie eat some for lunch on Sunday. Tonight, though, Nancy gave me some wonderful grilled vegetables and swordfish, which I plopped into my bowl of soup and enjoyed the combination of summer grilled zucchini and my Italian tomato and cheese soup. I didn’t have cream, so I added extra cheese, and that was a MESS to clean up in the pot and off the spoon…. lesson learned? probably not. I will be adding cheese to more things moving forward.

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