(Whatever will be, will be)

This is on my mind as I ponder the upcoming two weeks–and, since it’s around my birthday, as I ponder the year that lies ahead of me. It feels a tiny bit like my Birthday my other senior year, four years ago, when I bitterly took the SAT the morning of my birthday and got only a half-decent score, making it a waste of time and money since my ACT had been perfectly fine. Except this time, I spent the saturday after my 21st taking the Foreign Service Officer Test.

My brain feels very fried and tired, and it was amazing to eat some indian food afterwards. These next two weeks will be another college experience–Sophie and I are staying in the childhood bedroom of one of her friends from college (from her acapella group), in Newton, Massachusetts. We’re living with another friend from the acapella group–so four of us in total: Sophie, Lila, Elizabeth, and me. I’m a little nervous to see how it will go since I’m less familiar with the gals and I’m also the only enrolled student. But those factors may work well together. Tonight we’re going to a grocery store–I’m very excited. Newton seems to be a wealthier town–we went on a lovely walk this evening and it was so fun to see all the houses in their various Northern styles (some Tudor, some more gothic, some FUNKY McMansions).

Here is the requisite cake photo!!! It was such a delicious cake–chocolate with oreo cream cheese frosting. 🙂

Sophie wrote me a song for my birthday, which was incredible. Here she is with Lila’s acoustic guitar! I’ll show more photos of Elizabeth’s home in the coming days, I imagine.

And finally, at long last I finished the painting I had been doing during the lectures, and I’ve started the second one!

That’s all for now!

Much love!