I write this on my last day in Newton, Massachusetts. What started as a crazy day of taking the FSOT is now a midweek moveout after many evenings of laughter and cooking, as well as some other adventures in between. And of course, lots of music making. Here the gals singing their version of Mirrorball:

The gals are, from left to right: Me, Sophie, Lila, and Elizabeth. Lila and Elizabeth are friends of Sophie’s from their Acapella group, the Radcliffe Pitches. They’re all excellent singers. I’ve met them several times before and have had several meals with Lila, but this was a great time to get to know Elizabeth more. Her mom is also German, but her mom didn’t teach her or her siblings German, which she’s a bit regretful of. It was interesting to hear how much more American her life was, since her mom moved to the States when her mom was only a year old.

Most of my days were spent taking classes in the corner of Elizabeth’s living room, attending class, and finishing the painting I showed last post. But it was fun!

Sophie followed a recipe that the Harvard University Dining Services shared with everyone for apple cider muffins, and they were excellent. There was a maple glaze!

Sophie and I also went for a walk one Saturday around the Reservoire near Elizabeth’s house. It was really pleasant, and one of the last really warm and sunny days.

On Sunday, we all went apple picking with some other friends from Kirkland, which was really fun! we got a peck of deliciously fresh apples, plus some Cider donuts. You can see me serving the important role of tree climber, here:

It’s hard to see but I’m tossing the apples down. I really had a lot of fun.

The other important part of this outing was that I used my now-valid 21-year-old ID to purchase some hard cider for us to enjoy later in the evening. The cashier was perhaps unamused by the enthusiasm with which I presented her my driver’s license, but she accepted it nonetheless. And the cider was the best I’ve ever had.

….hiding the masks for the photo 😉

Resting on the couch after watching a movie–it was so nice to hang out at night like we were all in college, but in fact I was the only one enrolled.

I completed this painting of Sophie with the guitar!

Lila has already left, and now Sophie and I will drive away after all my classes (I have 4 consecutive classes)


much love!