Today was another busy day at work! It was a pleasant day, and I was highly energetic! partially because I drank an iced coffee this morning. I came up with the recipe for this myself (though it’s pretty simple and intuitive but hey we’re moving along the chain of recipes). This morning I also experimented with golden raisins, pecans, and PB&J in my morning oatmeal, which was pretty glorious and sweet.

The ingredients for my super coffee drink are: one cup of coffee, one spoonful each of chia seeds, brown sugar, and chocolate powder, and a sip of milk of choice. I also add a sip of water because the coffee from the machine in my apartment is very strong.


Just mix all the ingredients together and set in the fridge overnight or the freezer for 2 hours to cool the coffee down!

That’s all! then you’re set to have an awesome day! It makes about .25 liters of coffee drink which is perfect to drink over the course of the morning. The chia seeds really nip my peckishness at the office in the bud. Plus they’re just fun to eat.

IN OTHER NEWS, Laura and Lucas got engaged over the weekend! Here’s a photo I stole from Facebook! I’m so so happy for them and excited for their future together. I love love! (Here they are in the Algarve, all cured from their communal bout of Strep throat)

Finally, I had dinner with the intern at the German Embassy at a Mozambican restaurant near Alfama, and it was excellent. We shared a bottle of green wine and talked endlessly about American politics, Germany, her path to diplomacy, and Lisbon. I really enjoyed her company and it was a truly wonderful conversation. Next week–Nannarella. Where else would I even take someone?! 😉

Much love!

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