Welcome to the first actual blog post! Today I mostly have just unpacked and prepared for the week ahead–making a calendar, etc–and I folded all of my clothes into the dresser. Unpacking the suitcase that I packed in March made me uncomfortably aware of what place I was in mentally at the time… it wasn’t pretty. Much of the clothes were hastily folded, and some not folded at all, with scarves strewn over other things. But I do have a ton of clothes here, which is good.

Here are some photos of the space! it’s gorgeous and cute and very cozy, and I feel right at home in a sort of grandparent-style way.

Though you can’t tell in this photo, my bedroom has TWO windows, and the bed has both Sophie’s and Chloe’s mattress pads (intended for use in college) on it, so it’s very comfortable. Last night I slept with Sadie, who is a very sweet dog but can’t seem to hold still enough for a good photo of her–a challenge I am more than willing to take on.

The living space has many chairs to choose from–indeed, there are 2 couches, a lounge, and an armchair. I eat and work at the dining table, which has a nice view out the window at the Webster home.

The kitchen is also great; I have everything I need to cook with and more. I was poking through the knife block and encountered something that was definitely not a knife–it looked like a poking stick, and it was round and pointy with a handle like the knives. Realizing my foolishness and remembering that this is what a knife sharpener looks like gave me a chuckle this morning.

I love the little bell at my front door, and I hope it gets some use soon! So far, I’ve curtailed any loneliness by calling friends this morning as I was unpacking and settling in, and this afternoon I want to prepare for the school week. I hope the blog will help, too.

Since no blog post of mine is complete without a picture of some food, here is what I made for lunch today! It’s just pasta with some herbs and butter, so you can’t really go wrong there.

After lunch, I read a bit and did some more unpacking! Then we all went on a bike ride–it’s a wee bit difficult to catch my breath after riding up hills, but apart from that it all went well! Then I made some dinner (the Websters provided the meatballs) and talked to Hannah for a long time. Sophie brought me a massive cookie that she made, and overall, it was a peaceful evening. I have no idea how to cook mushrooms, but I took my best guess and sauteed them in butter.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and happy, and I’ll write again tomorrow!