This morning started off really peacefully–I slept in, and eventually let an exasperated Sadie out to play at 10:20, (she usually gets let out at 10). Last night, Sophie joyfully brought me some fresh bread, which I had this morning for breakfast, alongside a chocolate croissant hehe. I may have burned it a little in the toaster oven, but that’s how these things go sometimes.

After breakfast, I worked on different assignments for class, and I enjoyed sitting outside for lunch with Sophie. Nancy made me pancakes and bacon, which I eagerly ate–so I saved my leftovers for dinner tonight. Overall, it was a peaceful day, with lots of work interspersed with outdoor sitting and chatting.


As I compose this blog, Sadie is laying on the carpet at my feet, occasionally snoring or making noises with her mouth, but the minute I rise to walk toward the kitchen or bedroom, she gamely follows me (I think to check that I am not getting her a snack–she has pleading eyes). I’ve been instructed to stay strong! and not feed her anything.

I’m nervous about the workweek, but then again, I’m nervous about many things.

Take care and much love!

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