Today I had Celtic, Chinese, and my China in the African Continent course, all of which I attended outside. I love my little corner where I schlep my belongings and laptop, and settle into class. I’ll take a photo tomorrow, perhaps. A common question is “is that a virtual background, Lara?” in Zoom, at which point I can show off the luscious green trees behind me and talk about Sadie, who’s been chasing squirrels around me all morning. She’s such a sweetie–I can absentmindedly scratch her tummy with one hand and scroll down on my readings with the other hand, and she’ll occasionally rotate her position 180 degrees so I’ll get her other side. Now I’m just relaxing at the dining table, and Sadie is waiting for me to go to bed.

For lunch, I made an omelette from the mushroom taco filling from last night, and I I must say, this may have been my favorite thing I’ve made here yet–I definitely went overboard with the cheese and cumin/paprika seasoning, but it was so filling and wonderful. I think even though I’m objectively a worse chef than my parents, I am simultaneously eating the comfort that I created this meal and the knowledge of the things I added to make myself like it more–so in the end, I get so much satisfaction from eating the things I make. Even though it’s simpler and maybe less nutritious than home, it’s completely my own. Not sure if that makes sense.

Process photo of my Tofu curry dinner 😉 My veg and tofu were simmering prior to adding the Japanese Golden Curry spice blocks, and it looks kinda bad! but then! I added the spice block and I created the following masterpiece:

I overate, for sure. But it was so worth it. I just love Tofu and golden curry so much–yea. it’s been a good day, food-wise. I definitely could have added the tofu a bit later, because in my continuous stirring, I may have overzealously crumbled it to pieces. But eh it’s fine.

I am here to sell y’all on this magical quick dinner… it’s spicy, it’s flavorful, it’s easy, and it warms you from the inside. I mean–look at the amazon reviews for S&B Golden Curry:

ya really can’t go wrong there. 😉


Welcome to my third food blog series hehe.

Much love, take care, and I’ll be back tomorrow!

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