Today marks the halfway point of my Quarantine–overall, it’s been wild! Sadie helps me stay sane at night with her antics and energy, and I’ve been extremely busy with school and applying to things and cooking and staying on top of things 😉 not that I’m good at any of the above, but I’m trying my best! Today for lunch I had a bagel and egg and some cucumber–shown below in glorious portrait mode 😉

Much of the daylight hours were spend outside, doing some readings. I moved from sun spot to sun spot reading materials for 3 of my classes. Here is a shot of SUNSHINE and Confucius’ Analects, which was nice. I like close-reading texts in peaceful places, particularly on my kindle. It just brings a different vibe to what I’m reading–like I’m choosing to read this text for pleasure like I would any other book on the kindle, instead of doing pages of readings on my laptop, where it’s decidedly never for fun.

In anticipation of a crazier week class-wise, I prepared some dough balls to pull into noodles for the upcoming days–I can add oil/garlic/chile as tradition dictates, or I’m eyeing a tofu & celery recipe online that I would love to try, which would also be delicious over some fresh noodles. But here are the dough gherkins, coated generously in oil. we’ll see how well I can pull these hehe. But they’ll cook in about 90 seconds, so would make a delicious lunch or dinner in the coming days. And the longer they sit, the better the gluten will develop, so hopefully the stretchier they’ll be?

An hour before sunset, Sophie and I headed out on another bike ride, which was really lovely. Sophie’s wearing shorts, but don’t be fooled–I was wearing leggings and it was a wee bit nippy 😉 but it was good to get out and release some energy. I slept so well after the last bike ride, and I’m looking forward to another good sleep tonight… thus far, I’ve used coffee as a crutch to regulate my sleep schedule.

Tonight we’re having dinner from the famous and well loved Pizza Grove–specializing in both pizza and indian food, so I eagerly await my samosa as I write this out. I’ve got lots to do, but I’m excited to spend another evening around the outdoor fire.